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  1. Where is the "Login" button?
  2. How do you obtain your information?
  3. How often is the data updated?
  4. Is the information available for free on the Internet?
  5. Who uses your directories?
  6. What kind of custom lists can be created?
  7. How long have you been publishing this information?
  8. What are U.S. Branches?
  9. What countries are included in the predetermined regions?
  10. My device doesn\’t support "Flash" so I can\’t see the directories.  What can I do?
  11. Do you include information for career/job seekers?


1. Where is the "Login" button?    Top

If you are subscribed using IP authentication or referring URL (as most academic institutions do) a Login button does not exist.

If you have purchased a list as a print or Excel download or you are using a username/password account follow these simple steps.  1)  From the homepage, click "Search Now"  2) Below the top (darkened) menu bar will be a sub-menu on which you’ll see "My Purchases."  3)  Click "My Purchases" then enter your account credentials.  Any problems... just be in-touch.

2. How do you obtain your information?   Top

Our data support specialists conduct proprietary research. Our primary sources of information are the parent company annual reports, press releases and other public and private sources not to mention the relationships developed over fifty years in business. We also rely on telephone and email conversations for verification and clarification. Our data support specialists double-check all data collection and entries for data quality and completeness.  We may be as efficient as a robot but each entry is given the personal touch.

3. How often is the data updated?

Daily – as corporate business changes occur. New firms are added and existing firms are updated on a daily basis.  Overall, each and every record in the databases is reviewed at least once per year; sooner should a major change take place within the firm.  A "Corporate Watch List" from major new organizations is maintained to quickly update our data with announcements of impending mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and spinoffs, buyouts, etc.  All updates and edits are available to our customers within 24 hours of the update/edit.

4. Is the information available for free on the Internet?    Top

No.  Much of the information we obtain on private companies is not publicly available and finding the information for just a one public or private company can take hours.  A study published in Cincinnati Business Journal (2003) estimated an individual seeking “quick search” answers can easily be spending upwards of $12,000 per year by just using the Web to do quick searches. Compare that to the cost of Uniworld Online and the choice is clear.

5. Who uses your directories?    Top

Our business contact information is used by anyone interested in multi-national business activities.  It is used by the public libraries, university career centers, business salespersons, government and economic agencies, manufacturers seeking partners, financial institutions, accounting, law and business consultants, investment firms, executive recruiters, embassies and many others.  Our easy one-time downloads make it ideal for individuals seeking employment. Click Here to see a partial list of our customers.

6. What kind of custom lists can be created?    Top

Any list can be created using a combination of region, country, state, revenue range, # of employees, postal code/zip code, industry type is possible...just so long as it makes sense.  There is no need to spend your money buying data you don’t need.  Want just New York firms operating in India... no problem.  Chinese manufacturing firms operating in California, or Houston-based advertizing firms operating in Brazil are all up-to-date and available within minutes directly from our website.

7. How long have you been publishing this informmation?    Top

We begain with a hardcopy book, "Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries" in 1955.  In 1969 we added a second book: "Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States."  Before the Internet-revolution, these books were the only sources of such information and were highly valued.  Since the amount of information that can be put in a book is limited, in 2010 we published our last hardcopy book and moved to an all online subscription based product: Uniworld Online

8. What are U.S. Branches?    Top

In the "American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries" database, we provided three categories of information.  Those categories are: 1) the headquarter location of the American firm, 2) the location outside of the United States of any office and/or subsidiary owned by the American firm, and 3) all other non-HQ office locations within the United States that are owned by the American firm.  This third category is what we refer to as "U.S. Branches."  Within the product, the U.S. Branches are listed after the HQ information with the foreign subsidiary information (in bold) following the U.S. Branch information.  Click Here to go to the page with examples.

9. What countries are included in the predetermined regions?    Top

A List of Countries for each region is provided.

10. My device doesn\’t support "Flash" so I can\’t see the directories.  What can I do?    Top

The main portion of our product uses a program called "Flash" from Adobe.  Flash Player must be on your machine in order to properly view and utilize our databases.  Flash Player is available for free from Adobe.  However, some mobile devices (iPad, etc.) do not work with Flash.  In such cases, we recommend downloading an App that will run on your device.  It\’s called the Puffin Web Browser and is available here: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/download/


11. Do you include information for career/job seekers??    Top

Yes.  Only 20% of all jobs are in newspaper classifieds or posted online; the rest are filled beforehand through informal contact and referral networks.  Uniworld Online quickly provides the hard-to-find contact information to help serious candidates find career postings with both American and foreign multinational firms.  Whether or not a particular firm, foreign or American, has a career posting page on their company website is clearly indicated in all our listings.  In addition, for subscribed customers we offer a search feature that can limit your searching to only those firms with a career posting page.  With this information, you can more easily target only those companies that may have positions posted and not waste time searching firms without a career page.  Could it be any easier?